10 Reasons Why You Should Live In Paerata Rise

Are you looking for a place to settle down and call home but nowhere is standing out? Are you dreaming of building your forever home in semi-rural suburban bliss? Let us introduce Paerata Rise to you. Nestled on the outskirts of Auckland and only a five-minute drive from Pukekohe and Karaka, Paerata Rise is a slice of country village life with the familiar feel and convenience of being close to a city. Keep on reading for ten reasons why Paerata Rise is way above other new subdivisions;

1. Rise ‘n Shine and Daisy’s Container

Paerata Rise boasts impressive amenities with more to come as the development progresses. Rise ‘n Shine is the townships go-to café and is exceedingly popular amongst residents, visitors, and families alike. Overlooking an adventure playground and the rolling hills of the surrounding countryside, it is no surprise it is popular. The adventure playground also features ‘water play’ which includes little fountains with safe drainage and slip-free flooring – perfect for the kids to cool off and leave the adults to enjoy a coffee or join the fun!

Sitting directly besides the café is Daisy’s Container; a storage container turned ice-cream bar. Ideal for a little indulgence on a hot summer’s day when you are craving a sweet treat. Offering real-fruit ice creams, TipTop and Kapiti favours as well as chilled drinks and slushies – there is truly something for everyone. Rise ‘n Shine and Daisy’s Container steals the show in the township.

2. Fairy friends

Worry no more about your little ones getting bored in Paerata Rise, along the paths and trails around the area you can find five fairy homes.

Created by Paerata Rise’s head landscapers (with guidance from the fairies themselves), these little homes are a wholesome sight to see on your travels around the township. Good for keeping your kids happy on long walks and for exciting your inner child at the same time.

3. Events galore

The Paerata Rise community are big fans of getting stuck in and organising events for the whole township to participate in. Whether it be the Light Up the Town spectacular at Christmas time or resident-run exercise classes and dance lessons for the kids. When there are not events on, there is plenty to still do. Visit the ‘Central Bark’ dog park, grab a drink at Rise ‘n Shine or take a jog around the area– the options are endless!

4. Know your neighbours

The tight-knit and cosy size of the town is the perfect opportunity for you to know your neighbours and know them well. Long gone are the days of crossing paths with your neighbours rarely in the supermarket and exchanging an awkward hello. Paerata Rise is a place to meet new people and experience and build that sense of community together.

5. Build your dream home

Paerata Rise has fourteen exceptionally reliable build-partners who would want nothing more than to make your dream home a reality. House and land packages offer you the choice of diverse types of homes and the size of the land it is on. A lot of the build partners can provide top of the line features for your home such as outdoor dining areas, a second lounge for guests and more details that are sure to help visitors decide Paerata Rise is the place for them. The varying packages for potential homebuyers in Paerata Rise cater to all kinds of budget, which means there is an option for nearly everyone. Whether that be empty-nesters, growing families, young professionals, or work-from-home businesses, you will find a place right for you at Paerata Rise.

6. Great schooling in the area

Paerata Rise has access to some amazing schooling options from preschool to high school ages. You need not worry about being too far from quality education facilities. BestStart Paerata, which opened in 2020, is an early childcare centre for children between three months and five years old. Paerata Primary School from new entrance to year eight and nearby high schools, Wesley College and Pukekohe High School are all near the township. St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic College, of which is currently under construction in Drury, already has enrolments available for years 7, 8 and 9 in 2024 and is predicted to have an enrolment of around 900 by 2030. A state secondary school is also in the early stages of development which, like St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic College, will be in the West of Drury. There are plenty of options for your little one’s future education.

7. Gorgeous walks and trails

What beats a walk in the fresh, country air to clear your head and energise the senses? Paerata Rise has gorgeous scenic walks and trails accessible to an array of physical ability levels. Eventually, five hectares of green space will provide the freedom for locals to move as they wish around the town, creating recreational access to the gorgeous farmland-scenery of the area. These trails, cycle paths and walkways will bring out the best of the area and provide spaces for wellbeing for both locals and visitors to enjoy. Trails are to be created only a short distance away from homes in the area, no matter where you are situated within the development.

8. Access to brand-new public transport

The railway that is set to connect Papakura to Pukekohe will save residents of neighbouring regions hours of time when commuting to the inner city. Public transport via train has also proven to be more carbon-efficient than travelling via car as it emits the least amount of CO2 per passenger mile. Alongside the train station, which is set to be completed at the end of 2025, Paerata Rise will be gaining a plethora of developments to allow as much convenience as possible for residents.

9. Semi-rural beauty

Paerata Rise sits a 40-minute drive from Auckland’s bustling CBD and a 5-minute drive from the Franklin townships of Pukekohe and Karaka. There is something comforting about taking enjoyment in a home near the countryside. The pace of life seems gentler and in return the people seem the same. Semi-rural living in a small town or village promises time-out from the urban daily grind, a place where you can live life more deliberately amongst gorgeous, green scenery and where life’s demands at least appear to be a little less demanding.

10. True sense of community

At Paerata Rise, you are encouraged to get out and interact with those you share the space with. Engaging with the other residents and what the township has to offer will be sure to bring you a sense of community you unlikely felt before. Every resident can relate to each other being on the same page with having built their dream homes in the latest, upcoming town.

These are just a few reasons of many as to why Paerata Rise is a wonderful place to live. A community with every walk-of-life in mind means that the area is built to suit and provide to all. Satisfy your curiosity and head out to Paerata Rise for a visit, show home viewing or a bite to eat at Rise ‘n Shine café. Can you picture yourself at Paerata Rise?

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