A place our residents are proud to call home 

Paerata Rise is a progressive lifestyle community in Franklin, where the Kiwi dream of building an affordable new home or first home can become your reality. 

Combining the best of what makes the Franklin area so special with visionary plans for a vibrant, safe and contemporary township, Paerata Rise is an exciting place to build your first home, grow your family, downsize or establish a local business. This is a unique opportunity to secure residential property in a progressive new township. 

Developed by Wesley College Trust and Grafton Downs Ltd, Paerata Rise respects and understands the land, the people and the history of our local area. Reinforcing our philanthropic foundations, all profits from the development of this growing township are vested back into our local community.  

 We look forward to supporting you through your home buying journey, and welcoming you to our community. 


Wesley College has been at the heart of the Paerata community for over a century.
Wesley College values, and a rich sense of history inform the planning decisions made for the long-term future of
 Paerata Rise. In undertaking this development project, we are heavily invested in creating a community
that will be loved by future generations. 

Strong values are our foundation 

The Paerata Rise housing project will comprise approximately 4,500 homes built on the firm foundations of Wesley College Trust Board and Grafton Downs commitment to community ethics, innovation and meeting the demands of 21st-century living. While we’re focused on building a progressive, and inclusive community through careful planning and urban design, we’re equally committed to preserving the essence of our natural landscape. 

About Grafton Downs 

Our heritage is part of what sets us apart from other housing development companies and property developers in Auckland. Grafton Downs Ltd (a charitable company within the Methodist Church of New Zealand) guides the development of Paerata Rise, founded on the same community spirit and values as Wesley College.  

Grafton Downs Ltd is determined to set its sights beyond designing a subdivision. Instead, Grafton Downs is drawing from its considerable heritage in the Franklin area to develop a township. Leading consultants from New Zealand and San Francisco have been engaged to make this vision a reality.  

People are firmly at the centre of all Grafton Downs planning decisions. The development of Paerata Rise will complement our natural landscape, a variety of amenities will provide opportunities for education, work, play, and shared spaces will facilitate diverse community interaction.  

About Wesley College Trust 

Wesley College, New Zealand’s oldest registered school was founded on the values of The Methodist Church of New Zealand TeHaahiWeteriana O Aotearoa. The College has been providing quality education and opportunity for students since 1844. Many of these students have gone on to achieve outstanding success in a variety of fields with the support of Wesley College.  

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