Covid-19 Update

Hi there,

As the situation around Covid-19 develops and Kiwis are growing accustomed to what is our new normal – for now anyway – I wanted to reach out to you and give you an update regarding Paerata Rise.

It’s fair to say things are ‘all go’ as we work remotely, and our build partners continue to work very hard although they are, of course, offsite, planning to hit the ground running when this alert level is lifted.

With the government regulated lock down, it seems interested parties have some extra time to get in touch – our sales team are very busy working from home and the phones continue to ring hot. The public are curious as to what our development has to offer and our options are proving popular, with plenty of positive feedback on our plans.

We will be ramping up our marketing shortly, ensuring both the community and wider New Zealand are familiar with Paerata Rise and what sets us apart from the rest – we are proud of what is in the pipeline and are excited to hear what you think.

On behalf of the team at Grafton Downs and Paerata Rise, I hope you and your family are staying safe and staying at home where possible.


Chris Johnston

Executive Director of Paerata Rise

Paerata Rise continuing to welcome Kiwis into the community

Paerata Rise are continuing to welcome new residents into the neighbourhood, with a significant increase in sections secured by Kiwis over the past six months.

After first welcoming residents into Paerata Rise in March 2019, Stage 1 has seen an impressive 95% of sections sold. Meanwhile, Stage 2A is not far behind with 50% of homes sold, and Stage 2B is at a significant 75%.

Chris Johnston, Executive Director of Paerata Rise, is thrilled with the growth of the Paerata Rise community – particularly over the past six months.

“It has been fantastic to see the neighbourhood progress with growing interest from Kiwis. We are very much looking forward to welcoming new residents into the community and showcasing what the Paerata Rise district has to offer,” says Johnston.

Paerata Rise is expected to announce Stage 2C with 39 sections in mid 2020. Later in the year, Stage 5A – with a total of 56 sections – is anticipated to have its presale launch.

For more information on the developments of Paerata Rise, keep updated on

Paerata Rise helps driver Alex Hawley speed to the finish line

Paerata Rise is supporting Team Husky Racing with the New Zealand Formula Ford Championship, one of the most competitive Open-Wheeler Series in the country.

Driver Alex Hawley (18) has competed in many forms of racing over the past four years, both on the circuit and on the dirt. He holds an impressive record of achievements, with two wins on Debut in Formula Ford as well as holding the current 2018 title for North Island Formula Ford.

“It’s a great opportunity and I’m thankful for the support of Paerata Rise as we take on the New Zealand Formula Ford Championship,” says driver Alex Hawley.

“We will be driving a Formula Ford RF94k Stealth EVO 2 on the circuit, built in 2005, with a six-litre inline four Ford Kent engine. We will display Paerata Rise proudly on the car itself,” continues Hawley.

Chris Johnston, Executive Director of Paerata Rise, is pleased to get behind Alex Hawley and Team Husky Racing.

“It’s important to support our newer racing teams and showcase the strong community base that is already present at Paerata Rise. We wish Alex Hawley and Team Husky Racing all the best and can’t wait to see the outcome,” says Johnston.

Paerata Rise Residents Association comes together

In February 2020, the Paerata Rise Residents Association gathered at the local Rise and Shine Café to discuss upcoming developments to Paerata Rise.

The Paerata Rise Residents Association comprises of five attendees who work to ensure community governance and fulfilment. These attendees included:

  • Blair Hellyer
  • Toa Masina
  • Nigel Allen
  • Maggie Bygate
  • Neihana Tuatini

“I am pleased to have the Paerata Rise Residents Association come together, particularly with all the exciting additions we have coming up in 2020,” says Chris Johnston, Executive Director of Paerata Rise.

“We make it an absolute priority to ensure we operate with a system of sound and fair custodial management. We want to create a community that every member feels invested in and is proud to live in.”

Paerata Rise have an impressive list of developments to come this year, including:

  • Paerata Rise town rail station and commuter hub
  • A new primary school
  • Construction of Paerata Rise village centre
  • Repurposed heritage buildings to add a sense of history
  • Development of community services and activities
  • A new Wesley College co-ed high school

To keep updated with the latest news from the Paerata Rise Residents Association, visit

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