How To Pick The Home Builder That’s Right For You

Been looking for a new home but nothing feels ‘you’ enough? Have a vision of your dream home in your mind and want nothing more than to see it actualised? Why not look into building your own? Many rule it out because they are under the wrong impression that it’s near impossible when that couldn’t be further from the truth. From knowing who your options are, researching, asking the necessary questions and knowing quality over cost, the road to building your own home with your own home design isn’t as rocky as it seems! 

After you have made your way through this article you will have newfound knowledge on how to start your new home building journey with the most important step; choosing who to build your home.  

Who are your options?

Before you start looking into the in’s and out’s of what it is you are looking for, your best bet is to compile a list of all the companies that provide home-building in your area. This way, you get an actual idea of your options and will create a good base to continue the rest of your builder-choosing journey.  

Knowing who your options are from the get-go with a list of new home builders in the area also acts as a tool you can use to narrow down your top few after you complete further research. 

At Paerata Rise, we have 14 approved build partners with house and land packages that you can choose from to design and build your dream home.  

Research, research, research!

Prepare yourself so you can trust yourself to make the best informed decision possible.  

Referrals and word of mouth in the building world are two very powerful tools. A great first step is to ask your friends, family and colleagues and see if they have had any good or bad experiences with builders or building companies in the area. This way is a genuine (and free) indicator of whether a person or company is good and reliable. 

Typically, people are happy with the result of their new build homes came out in, including the quality of the home and the building process. But in this case, if they are not, it is very likely they will want to share that with you to warn you of what not to do and/or who to not employ as your home builder.  

Make sure you do thorough background checks on potential home builders and/or ones that operate within the area you want to build. 

There are also resources you can utilise along your journey. Checking whether or not a builder is a Registered Master Builder can be done via the Master Builders website. Though, this qualification isn’t 100% required. It is recommended as you will be getting a 10-year guarantee on residential work – which of course building a new home comes under. 

No question is a dumb question

Any question you don’t know the answer to yourself is best trusted to be answered by a professional. Don’t shy away from interrogating those whose job it is to help you and who have been in the same position as you before. The more questions you ask, the more prepared you will be. 

It’s likely you will benefit from jotting down every query you have into a list before meeting with said professional. This way you won’t overwhelm your head with a million questions, and it is all laid out and ready for you on paper.  

If you are unsure where to even start with asking questions in a classic case of ‘not-knowing-what-you-don’t-know’, see below for a list of great examples to get the ball rolling; 

  • How long has the builder been in business? 
  • Are they Registered Master Builders? 
  • Does the builder have a successful track record in building new homes or doing renovation work? 
  • Who would run the job, how will you be updated on progress and how often? 
  • Will you be sent photos of the progress of your house, and who will you talk to if you’re unhappy about something? 
  • When would the job start, finish and who advises you of any delays? 
  • Can they provide you with a fixed price contract? (This means that they have had good suppliers where they can order everything up front at a fixed price) 

It is important to never hesitate to ask a question, but what seems like an insignificant question might yield an important answer. 

Quality matters

Quality of work over cost should be an imperative factor in your journey to choosing your first home builder.  

A Master Builder is a qualification a builder can earn for experience, referrals and skill in the industry. Choosing to use a Master Builder means that you are choosing quality. To become a Registered Master Builder, certain quality criteria must be met, including building experience, trade and professional qualifications, on-site management experience and of course workmanship. You’ll also have the peace of mind that their business is in good shape financially. You are in safe hands.  

Look at new homes whenever you can. Home shows and open homes sponsored by builders are good opportunities to look at homes. Model homes and houses displayed in home shows are often furnished to give you ideas for using the space. Showhomes in locations such as Paerata Rise are great examples of fully-furnished examples of what your future home could look like. 

When examining a home, look at the quality of the construction features. Inspect the quality of the cabinetry, carpeting, trim work and paint. Ask the builder or the builder’s company representative a lot of questions. Get as many specifics as possible. If you receive the answers verbally rather than in writing, take notes.  

That’s all, folks!

If you have made it this far into this blog post you have no excuse but to be well-informed in the tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts of going about building your first home. It’s not a total walk in the park, but with a strong foundation – you can make your life a whole lot easier.  

Watching the home of your dreams coming to life is an amazing feeling – one that becomes even more amazing when you can trust that whoever is building your home will do your vision justice. Happy home-building journey! 

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