Local artist brightens up community

Long-term local artist Sasha Maya is set to create inspiring transformer art around Paerata Rise.

Keep your eyes peeled for three unique designs set to pop up around the community.

The first will be found on Puhitahi Hill Road, near the edge of Wesley College and the rugby field, and will take inspiration from the school history, chapel and historical landmarks nearby. 

Jonah Lomu Drive is the second transformer location to recognise the long-standing relationships and the many All Blacks that went to the nearby College.

The final location will pay homage to the Roslyn farm and will be found near Tabernacle Street.

“Sasha lives in the community and we can’t wait to see the project come to life from one of our own residents,” says Chris Johnston, Executive Director of Paerata Rise. “We look forward to seeing the art and enjoying its vibrancy.”

For more information, please visit https://www.paeratarise.co.nz/ or to get in touch with Sasha, please visit https://sashamaya.co.nz.