Paerata Rise’s resident artist breathes new life into the town’s streets

You may have noticed the vibrant works of art popping up around the streets. This is the gorgeous handiwork of resident artist, Sasha Maya.

Maya paints over electricity transformers with vibrant artworks that tells the story of Paerata Rise. Along Jonah Lomu Drive, locals and visitors can see a transformer sporting Jonah Lomu’s jersey number 11 and a large silver fern as a tribute to his sporting legacy.

“Each transformer was themed in relation to the road name near where it is placed. Sharing stories and building connections between people on the land”, says Maya of her work in the community.

“There is so much more in the pipeline” adds Maya, “we have just started”.

Other artworks portray the Ross Brother’s Fresh Milk Supply business, a nod to the history of dairy farming in the area. Other transformers adorned with native birdlife and foliage such as manuka blossoms also contribute to the wholesome kiwi-living feel that Paerata Rise emulates.

If this artwork tells any story, it is that Paerata Rise is so much more than a township, it is a flourishing community with rich history.

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