Paerata School to Open in Term Two

After 100 years, Paerata School will soon have a new home when it moves from its long time location in rural Paerata to the northern end of Jonah Lomu Drive at Paerata Rise.

Covering 4.69 hectares, the new facilities are state of the art and offer a number of additional subjects and large roll to students.

The current school only has capacity for 140 students and the move to Paerata Rise will initially see a roll of 350 students ultimately extending to a roll of 750 students from Year 1-8.

Executive Director of Paerata Rise, Chris Johnston, is looking forward to the first day of school.

“The new school means many families in the area can have everything within a close proximity, this is great for our growing community,” says Johnston. “We are excited to offer a new school to the wider community. The capacity of the new school reflects the growing scale of Paerata Rise as well as the increasing popularity of the wider Paerata area. To offer a school in the neighbourhood is a massive improvement and creates a huge relief for families coming into Paerata Rise.”

Paerata School is estimated to be complete by term two. For more information and updates, please visit

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