Roundabout Project for SH22

Road safety is vitally important, especially with new education facilities such as Paerata School and Best Start Educare in the community.

Waka Kotahi NZTA is working hard to improve State Highway 22 for the community, especially at Glenbrook Road, a section of the highway used by 10,000 cars each day. Construction of the roundabout between Drury and Paerata is to help improve the safety for the high volume of vehicles that pass through the area.

Chris Johnston, Executive Director of Grafton Downs, the developer of Paerata Rise, says “We are pleased Waka Kotahi has progressed this project to ensure greater safety for all in the area.”

“Waka Kotahi values the people and their feedback every step of the way. Thanks to Waka Kotahi, the roundabout will allow us to open our Boulevard Road, which will become a central route to the Paerata Primary School which is now open.”

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