The Complete House Moving Checklist

Moving home can be a daunting task. If you have been in one location for a long time or if you need to know the time frames for your move, having a clear process with a list of timeframes and tasks helps you to identify what you need to do to prepare for each stage.   

At Paerata Rise we value a community and want your move to be the best experience for you and your family. We have created a house moving checklist with a list of important details to prepare for your moving dates, so you can tick off the big things and enjoy a simple, straightforward move.   

3 Months Before Moving Day

  • Downsizing or Decluttering  
    It takes time to sort through your important things and minimise what you do not need. Starting to downsize your home contents from around 3 months allows you time to reduce the items that you do have. On-sell items by listing them on Trade Me, Buy and Sell or through a garage sale or take some items to the local dump. 

  • Plan Your Move  
    This is the time to enquire and book a moving company, as well as lay out a plan for your moving day. This may include childcare or pet care on the day of your move. If you are doing the move yourself, you will need to know you have the right vehicle (hire a truck or trailer) and assistance to do so also.   

2 Months Before Moving Day

  • Arrange Insurance
    There are many forms of insurance to consider when making a big move. Moving can be a great opportunity to reassess your current insurance and the validity of it for your move, or if you have not had insurance previously assess the need for many different avenues. Contact your insurance company about securing moving insurance, home insurance and contents insurance.   

  • In-between Accommodation  If you need accommodation for the interim period between a house sale or renting and move-in day, it is important to be prepared with alternative accommodation for the necessary duration. This may be with friends or family, a short-term rental, hotels/motels or house sitting.  

1 Month Before Moving Day

  • Change Of Address   
    A key detail when moving house is to ensure every individual or business that you are in contact with knows your new location. It is important to contact or log in to NZ post to redirect mail to your new address, contact friends about your move and update your location on necessary online portals.

  • Start Packing 
    You’ve downsized the primary things, now it’s time to make sure you are all packed and ready for your big move. Start packing the little things that are not used in your day-to-day and lead up to the larger items.   

3 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Organise Key Utilities  
    Let businesses such as electrical and internet providers know that you are moving to end or transfer your current contracts. Organise these utilities to be activated at your new address on move in day.   

  • Discover New Amenities  
    In your move, you may need to change doctors, schools, social clubs or transport systems. Enquiring about these amenities before moving day will set you up with an easy transition. 

2 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Moving Day Preparation 
    Ensure you know what items need to stay out of packing in order to assist the moving party, including a kettle, tools and some food. Prepare a house checklist for the moving day to ensure a strategically smooth day. 

1 Week Before Moving Day

  • Finish Packing & Cleaning   
    Pack the remaining necessary items, excluding anything you may use in the final week. Clean the rooms thoroughly to minimise unnecessary tasks on the final day.   

The Day Before Moving Day

  • Final Check  
    Review the plan for moving day and ensure you have the correct gear and assistance for the move. Do a final clean and check of the old home.  

The Day Before Moving Day

With a plan in place, your move should be a successful one. On the moving day, you will be moving all of your big items, anything other necessary items, conducting a check on your old home and starting to unpack at your new home. At Pearata Rise, our community will make you feel at home the moment you receive the keys to your new home, helping you to settle in quickly! 

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