The Vision for Paerata Rise

Paerata Rise will retain the rural charm of Franklin’s rolling hills and magnificent views through careful town design that makes the most of the area’s natural beauty.

Wesley’s vision for Paerata Rise is to create a boutique community that combines the latest in contemporary homestead architecture with the natural characteristics of the local countryside. Placement of homes will be carefully planned to maximise the features of the natural landscape, creating comfortable living environments and useful, workable streetscapes.

Paerata Rise will consist of up to 4500 new homes set in a beautiful location, intertwined with green spaces, cycle paths and walkways.  As well as a range of housing options it will include 5ha of neighbourhood reserves, schools, a retail precinct, and a transport hub, including a railway station.


There is a wide range of options for people wishing to purchase their first home, expand a growing family, downsize for convenience or establish a new business. Paerata Rise will offer tailored options to suit your lifestyle and budget, with the flexibility to create your dream home.

Paerata Rise will combine the best of rural living with urban amenities including ultra-fast broadband and new technologies.

There are opportunities to create new business ventures or work from home supported by local business hubs, retail and public services.

Pukekohe town centre is five minutes’ drive from Paerata Rise and contains boutique shopping, cafes, an art gallery, medical services, cinema and a library and transport links to central Auckland.

Sports & Recreation Facilities

Paerata Rise will have large-scale community and smaller pocket parks. There will be access to a wide range of amenities already in the area, including a golf course, tennis courts, rugby fields and a bridle path.

Clarks Beach is a short drive away and the walking and mountain biking facilities in the Awhitu Regional Park are also easily accessible.

Within the 300ha of land being developed, 5ha will be devoted to green spaces, cycle paths and walkways to encourage a sense of well-being and community.

Planning for the long-term

Grafton Downs and Wesley College have a rich heritage of social enterprise, benefactors and philanthropy and we want to continue this into the future.

Paerata Rise will operate with a system of sound and fair custodial management. The emphasis will be on creating a community that every member feels invested in and is proud to live in. There will be events and activities that reflect this vision.

The Paerata Rise Residents Association will work to ensure community governance and fulfilment.

Cultural understanding of the land, people and history

Paerata Rise will respect and understand the land, the people and the history of the local area.

The community will be designed to showcase the beautiful rural setting and will retain the charming heritage of existing buildings where possible, while also having all the modern conveniences of a new build town.

Things to come

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