What is a Lifestyle Community?

In New Zealand, independent living and a sense of belonging have become increasingly important when choosing where to live, and when choosing the type of home to buy. Lifestyle communities have emerged as a popular choice – a comfortable and future proof way of living. These communities, such as Paerata Rise, only 40 minutes from Auckland, prioritise a residents’ sense of community, convenience to amenities, and lifestyle needs. Through this blog, let’s explore the concept of a lifestyle community, what it is, the distinctive benefits of choosing a lifestyle community, and why it is different from a ‘retirement village’. 

What is a lifestyle community?

Lifestyle communities are uniquely tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their residents. From the planning phases, a lifestyle community is intended to drive a strong sense of community for its residents, encouraging social events and enriching the quality of life for those who choose to live there. These communities often feature a range of amenities, including schools, shops, doctors, vets, cafes, recreational facilities, cycleways, walkways, parks, and common spaces. All these elements create a closer knit and vibrant living environment, nurturing a strong sense of community. 

Examples of a Lifestyle Community

  • Lifestyle communities offer self-sufficiency near cities with various amenities. 
  • There is a blend of outdoor and indoor activities like cafes, basketball courts, walking trails and malls. 
  • Communities adapt to resident needs, accommodating families, individuals and retirees. 
  • Paerata Rise strongly falls within the category of ‘lifestyle community’ as a diverse, lifestyle-focused development for all ages and backgrounds. 

Benefits of Lifestyle Communities

There are numerous benefits of lifestyle communities, with a focus on the residents’ lifestyle and comfort as central to the model of the community, benefits include: 

An enhanced sense of community

Lifestyle communities prioritise a sense of togetherness and support, where residents can look out for one another, and well-being is central to community living. 

Better communication

Although independence is important within the community, residents have access to community news, upcoming events, and important updates. Effective communication offers insights into what is going on in the community and nurtures an active community life. 

Regular activities

Social events, gatherings, and activities are a common feature of lifestyle communities.  

Advocacy and representation

Residents’ societies play a vital role in representing the interests and concerns of the community to local authorities and decision-makers. This gives the community a united voice on wider matters across the region or country. 

Improved security

Security measures are put in place for residents to contribute towards a safe and secure environment. 

Increased property values

The desirability of the location due to the sense of belonging developed in the community, contributes long-term to the attractiveness of the neighbourhood. 

What is the difference between lifestyle community & retirement village?

Lifestyle communities and retirement villages both offer fulfilling lifestyles but differ significantly on several aspects. Firstly, lifestyle communities cater to a broader demographic, welcoming families, young professionals, and retirees. Retirement villages on the other hand, typically are exclusive for senior citizens and fully cater to the needs of retirees. Lifestyle communities as identified also develop a strong sense of community spanning across the various age groups, while retirement villages centre on the needs and preferences of retirees. Retirement villages also often offer specialised healthcare services and facilities for the aging population. While lifestyle communities provide healthcare services, they promote more independence and have a more diverse range of amenities for residents within all age brackets. 

A lifestyle community, like Paerata Rise, places a strong emphasis on community, communication, and collective decision-making. This is an inclusive place to call home. These communities are an appealing way to live, giving residents of all ages and walks of life a strong sense of belonging. 

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