All What You need To Know About Duplex House

All What You need To Know About Duplex House

A duplex is a home conjoined typically at the garageThis wall dividing the two garages is a firewall and requires some engineeringIt is built directly on the boundary between 2 properties and is registered ass a party wallBoth owners are responsible for the integrity and maintenance of this wall. 

Types of Duplex Houses

A duplex can be from a small 100sqm 2 bedroomed unit up to in some cases 4 bedroom 200 sqm unitThey can differ between a single story and double story units, which will also depend on the size of the section available. 

Pros and Cons of a Duplex House

It’s cheaper to get into a duplex, however you are basically “on top” of your neighbour and privacy is always something of a concern. But with a duplex at least there is someone who can keep an eye on your home if/when you go away for weekends or holidays. 

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Single vs Duplex House

A single-story home is always cheaper than a double story because you don’t have the additional costs for engineering and additional cladding/interior wallsDouble story duplexes may be a requirement if the section is too small or if the purchaser wants more back yard for entertaining or space for the children/pets to play in. 

Can I buy both parts of a duplex?

Yes, it is possible, but bear in mind that some developments do not allow investors/landlordsIf you would be purchasing both sides of a duplex in these developments for a family member then that would be considered acceptable.

Is it easy to find buyers for a duplex house?

Yes.  There are always first-time buyers looking to get into the market or the elderly down scaling or divorcees trying to re-establish themselves and also single parents.  So when you purchase a duplex, consider who your target market will be when selling in the future because that would determine the pool of potential purchasers out their waiting to get into the market. 

What is the difference between a townhouse and a duplex in NZ?

A town house is typically a stand-alone home, usually around 100-150sqm comprising of 2-3 bedrooms.  A duplex is two homes attached to each other and is usually 100-130sqm comprising of 2-3 bedrooms. 

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