House and Land Packages vs Custom Home Builds: Which Is Right for You?

As you look forward to embarking on a new adventure of building a home, you will be faced with an important choice to make: Choosing between investing in a house and land package or committing to a more personalised journey of a custom build.  

In this article, we unpacked the unique features of both options, touching on the practicality and cost-effectiveness of house and land packages, as well as the bespoke qualities and considerations that come with crafting a custom home. Considering the building process that will work for you will unlock the path to creating your dream home in your chosen New Zealand location.  

Qualities of a House & Land Package

House and land packages have surged in popularity in recent years, particularly among New Zealanders keen for a quick home build – with pre-considered features that suit a range of lifestyles. Purchasing a house and land package involves developers presenting buyers with an all-inclusive offer that includes both the house and land at a fixed price. This is a really great option for home buyers who are confined to a strict budget, or merely want to know the overall costs involved with the project.  

There is an element of personalisation for the buyers of the package, with customised details such as paint colours, flooring, and fixtures, giving you options for your personal preferences. Builders follow a well-established routine and having experience with similar styles and layouts, the pre-packaged concept contributes significantly to a smoother construction timeline – valuable for those seeking a hassle-free home building experience. The efficient nature of this is appealing to many homebuyers who have found their dream subdivision, although due to the high demand there can be large waiting lists to purchase a package. Read our blog about the benefits of buying a house and land packages. 

Is House & Land Package Right for Me?

A house and land package is ideal if you value simplicity, if you have found your ideal house and land location, or if you’re a first-time homebuyer. As these packages are in high demand, waiting times can be a bit longer than bespoke builds, however, once the development begins it tends to occur in a timely, efficient manner. When purchasing this package, you are generally choosing a newly developed subdivision, so you want to be happy with your location choice and the potential vision and location of the surrounding area. This package is also cost efficient, as it is all inclusive and as you will be working with a developer you will have access to more guidance around paperwork and necessary tasks and considerations. Read our blog to find out more about the things to know before buying a house and land package. 

Features of a Custom Design and Build

The charm of a custom design and build approach can be appealing. You may be interested in the personalisation of one feature or many in your new home. The custom design offers you the freedom to independently secure the land, collaborate closely with a builder and contractors, as well as giving your own flair to the landscaping. It is favourable for many that the home buyer has a say in every step of the building process. As you enter into the design phase, focus on the aspect of a home that really matters to you, your family’s needs and reflects your lifestyle.  Being so involved in the custom design and build process nurtures a real sense of ownership and creativity.  

You will also notice, if it is your first custom build, how many elements there are to consider. Many buyers choose to work with architects or other consultants so they can really make the most of each step in the process. In New Zealand’s housing landscape, a custom design can help your home to stand out as a unique and grand home design in a subdivision.  

Is Custom Design and Build Home Right for Me?

The pathway toward a custom build requires extensive planning and consideration. Details such as securing a suitable mortgage, budget planning, house layout, and the finer details. Active involvement in every phase of the process, from collaborative planning with a designer to the meticulous selection of materials and finishes, will help you towards creating a home that is a unique vision. It is important to keep in mind that while builders can work within a budget, a custom home generally incurs higher costs due to the variables and unknowns involved. Additionally, the price of the materials may also fluctuate during the course of the build.  

Choosing what is right for you

When you choose between a house and land package and a custom design and build your preferences, priorities should be central to your decision-making process. Focal points such as your budget, desire to customise or interest in streamlining the process will often sway your decision. When building in New Zealand, you want to find the location and build the home of your dream – Paerata Rise located 40 minutes from Auckland central offers a homely backdrop ready for your house and land or custom build opportunity. To find out more about building your dream home at Paerata Rise, get in touch with us today.  

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