Benefits of Buying a House & Land Package In NZ

Building the home of your dreams has never been easier with a plethora of house and land packages on offer in New Zealand. But what does a house and land package actually entail? By the time you finish reading this you should hopefully have a clearer idea about this popular home-building option and, more importantly, whether it is right for you and your family.  

A house and land package is just what it says on the packet – a plot of land that comes with an opportunity to design and build a home on top of it.  

Benefits of Buying A House & Land Package

There are three main benefits to house and land options, especially when working with an experienced developer like Grafton Downs, the company behind Paerata Rise. These are: 

  • Expert help

    You work with a building consultant who will talk you through your budget as well as build-guide resources. After years working in and observing the industry, those offering house and land packages have been able to identify the challenges of the home-building process and do what they can to relieve them. Now more than ever, those who are looking to build their dream home, regardless of experience – can access the support they need throughout the entire process.

    This has not always been readily available but here at Grafton Downs – the company behind Paerata Rise, we work to make it as easy as possible. Our dream has been to make the idea of building your own home via a house and land package a more realistic option for thousands of Kiwis. With this type of support in place, the design and building process is nowhere near as daunting as before. 

  • Location

    Typically house and land packages are in areas just out of cities. These new town hubs and community villages are developing quickly and offer a wide range of options and benefits. Not only do you get to build in beautiful surroundings, but everything is brand, sparkling new. Additionally, all important public transport, schools and business hubs are being constructed in these areas, meaning everything is pretty much on your doorstep.

    Areas on Auckland’s perimeter, such as Drury, Karaka and Paerata, have become hotspots with lots of new builds and house and land packages. Most home-building companies in these areas, such as Jennian Homes, Signature Homes, GJ Gardner and Platinum Homes amongst others, have great reputations – giving future homeowners piece of mind when it comes to building. 

  • Choice

    The options at Paerata Rise are plentiful, with a multitude of land sizes, house designs and locations. Start with choosing an area that you like the look of, have a drive around and stop off at the local cafe if you can, or do a thorough search online. Many of these new areas will have a list of all the land and house packages available, like on this site.

    Investigate which building company aligns best with what you want and suits your budget and lifestyle. Then look at what design appeals and how the company manages the build experience. Thorough research will help you choose which house and land package is best for you. If you are still unsure, contact the team at Paerata Rise at or +64 9 636 0803. 

There are so many benefits to choosing a house and land package when deciding to build your dream home. Many people overestimate the level of effort it takes build from scratch, from hiring an architect, to getting compliance and dealing with all the elements of project management.  

But while it takes work to make any dream a reality – a house and land package hits the sweet spot. Who wants to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to their future home? It is a trend we expect to see a lot more of within the property market in future. 

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