Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A New Home

Starting the journey of buying a new home in New Zealand is an exciting milestone that provides the opportunity for home buyers to craft their dream. It is important to be thorough in your process and avoid any of the common mistakes. In this article, we will unpack 8 mistakes to avoid when buying a new home, whether you’re exploring house plans, home designs, or house and land packages. Consider these insights when navigating the home process confidently and enjoying every step of your dream house.  

1. Underestimating The Need for Professional Help

One of the biggest mistakes in home building is assuming that everything can be done in DIY (do it yourself) fashion. The build process, from start to finish, requires expertise and coordination that extends beyond one person’s capabilities. By working with a building company or independent builder, you can ensure a faster, more efficient, and successful home building process while avoiding costly mistakes. 

2. Failing To Do Adequate Research

One of the biggest mistakes home buyers make is rushing into the process without conducting thorough research. Before diving into the world of new homes in Auckland, take the time to research the property market, explore the area, understand the different house and land packages available, and contact home builders and contractors. Gather inspiration and enjoy the process from start to finish.  

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3. Not Considering Future Needs

When selecting house plans or home designs, it is essential to consider what your dream home looks like now and in the future. Will the house accommodate your growing family? Is this home ideal for every member of my family? Is this close to my necessities for retirement? Whatever stage you are in, carefully consider every factor, so that you avoid outgrowing your home too quickly and save on potential extension costs. 

4. Not budget planning

Creating a realistic budget is essential when buying a new home, especially if you have chosen to build your home, unexpected costs are all too common. Work through an achievable budget by considering all aspects of the build process, including construction costs, landscaping, potential for unexpected costs, and any additional features or upgrades you desire. Often developers and contractors can help contribute with estimates, but costs do vary depending on the work and each step.  

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5. Ignoring The Importance of Home Builders

Choosing the right home builder is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful building experience. Take the time to research reputable home builders in New Zealand or receive recommendations from reliable sources. Before committing to a builder or contractor, always evaluate their expertise, the quality of their workmanship, and their communication skills.  

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6. Not Taking Location Into Account

The location of your new home impacts your overall happiness, general convenience, and living costs. While it’s important to focus on the design and features of the house itself, make sure to consider the neighbourhood, proximity to schools, amenities, and transportation options. Take into account your lifestyle preferences and long-term plans when choosing the location for your dream home. Paerata Rise offers all of these amenities and is situated only 40 minutes from Auckland city centre.  

7. Not Communicating Your Requirements

Not communicating effectively during the home building process can lead to grievances and misunderstandings. Throughout the building process, it is important to stay connected and maintain clear communication with all necessary parties. Regular discussions and updates will help address concerns, make timely decisions, and ensure that your vision is properly understood and implemented. 

8. Choosing The Cheapest Option

Opting for the cheapest quotes when selecting a building company or contractor for your new house may not always be the wisest choice. Often New Zealanders will try to cut corners by using a ‘mate’ to do some jobs, but this can impact the safety and overall cost in the long run. It’s important to consider the overall quality and reliability of new build homes as high building standards add quality and give you a long term investment.  

By avoiding these common mistakes for new build houses such as underestimating the need for professional help, poor budget planning, choosing the cheapest option, and overlooking future needs, you can ensure a great building. Take the time to plan carefully for your individual needs and enjoy the process of finding your dream home that exceeds your expectations. 

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