Things To Do In And Around Paerata Rise

When building your dream home in the ideal location, it is important to know what activities you can get involved in the local region. In Paerata Rise you don’t have to go far to find unique, adventurous or leisurely activities for any age and stage.  

When designing the awesome and close-knit village of Paerata Rise, we made sure to consider every family member’s interest. Here is a list of things you can do in and around Paerata Rise to spend quality time together at any time of the year. 

Inside Paerata

  • Walking Tracks 
    Take a leisurely stroll around Paerata reserve. This is a great short track for dog walkers or those that enjoy a meander in nature. You can extend this to a larger walk around the surrounding suburbs or choose one of the longer walking tracks in the area. Paerata is filled with stunning New Zealand shrubbery and walkways that you can use to keep fit or go for a one-off expedition with the whole family.   

  • Cycleways 
    As an outer-city oasis, Paerata is the ideal area to embark on a family bike adventure. Paerata’s cycleways span 5 kilometres around the suburb, giving cyclists a safe space to ride around the town. As an outer suburb, this is also located close to many off-road biking experiences, as well as excellent route options for keen road cyclists.  

  • Paerata Rise Adventure Playground 
    A fun place for the younger ones, the Paerata Rise adventure playground is located at the heart of the township and is a popular hub for kids to play. Your children will have hours of having fun in a strategically built adventure playground, with many popular playground equipment. Parents can unwind at the Rise and Shine cafe, conveniently located at the edge of the playground while their kids play. 

Nearby Attractions

  • CCT Lavender Farm and Café 
    Another great activity for every member of the family is the CCT Lavender Farm and Cafe. The lavender farm offers an informative farm experience, with activities for kids to get involved with and learn the behind the scenes operations of a Lavender Farm. The CCT Lavender Farm Cafe is a popular eatery for any occasion, a quick drink during your visit or a decadent dining experience for lunch. 

  • Spookers 
    Here’s one for the older kids and daring adults. Spookers is a horror house and ‘haunting attraction’, with all kinds of scares and creepy experiences for those that dare. Located only a 15 minute drive from Paerata town centre, you will get your fair share of scares in no time. Spookers has activities for both ages 8+ (for a more family friendly experience) or ages 13+. Go there if you dare! 

  • Wrights Watergardens 
    If your preference is a relaxing picturesque stroll, Wrights Watergardens may be your dream location. With stunning flora and fauna all year around, this attraction is perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy the ponds, gardens, paths and the iconic Mauku Waterfall. Spend a day in the gardens not far from your home in Paerata Rise. 

  • Waterfalls  
    There are a lot of excellent outdoor options to explore, but some awesome attractions are the waterfalls in the area. Surrounding Paerata are several great waterfall walls with excellent scenery. This includes the stunning Te Maketu Waterfall – only a 15 minute drive from Paerata’s town centre. This is also a popular swimming location, with a waterhole and a picturesque waterfall that is off the beaten track.  

  • Adrenalin Forest 
    Take your teens, workmates or the whole family on an adventure that includes high-ropes and lots of trees! Adrenaline Forest has something for everyone and creates a buzz of adventure and adrenaline for all! 

  • Farm Fun Stay 
    Experience your new home, enjoy the family atmosphere and discover the balance of country and suburb that Paerata has to offer. You can stay at the Farm Fun Stay, a short 10 minutes down the road! Fun Farm Stays also offer opportunities to feed and pet cows, calves, sheep, lambs, miniature horses and rabbits, as well as horse riding experiences. 

  • Pukekohe Golf Club 
    Within proximity of 5 minutes (drive time) from your new home at Paerata Rise is the famous Pukekohe Golf Club. It offers one of the best golf courses in Auckland that you can enjoy with your family or friends. You can also train with PGA certified professionals at the club to improve your game. Perfect spot for a golf enthusiast or if you want to train to be a professional. You can also enjoy a cold drink at the bar and delicious food from the café after your game. A perfect place to spend your weekends. 

Enjoy these nearby experiences and plenty more when you purchase your home in Paerata Rise.  

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