Tips on Adding Value to Your New Build Home

Owning a new build home allows you the opportunity to personalise your home space into a design that is uniquely yours. New build homes have gained popularity in NZ due to their modern designs, energy efficiency, customisable living spaces, and a chance to move to an area that suits the need of the buyer.  

In this article, we’ll unpack some valuable tips to help you with the design and development of your new home. Wherever you choose to build, these handy hints will give you a head start towards creating your dream space. 

Explore House and Land Packages

House and land packages can simplify the new build process, making it more cost effective and efficient. House and land packages include a plot of land and a pre-designed home. They will often include the new build design and creation as well as additional landscaping. This home design can be adapted to suit your specific needs, but is a good option if you haven’t built it before, or if you need a starting point when coming up with a design. House and land packages are often advantages as they are planned in emerging subdivisions such as Paerata Rise that offer close amenities and great locations. These hold significant re-sale value as the home will accommodate for a wider demographic. If you wish to go along this route, make sure to explore the options in your preferred area to find the best fit for your needs. 

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Personalise your house plan

One of the greatest advantages of a new build home is the ability to personalise your home designs. Work closely with your builder, contractors, and interior designer to select the intricate details of your home to reflect style and personality. Your journey starts with selecting the perfect house plan, here you want to consider your lifestyle, family size, and future practicalities. In addition to your own preferences, you may want to think strategically about adding value with features that are attractive more long term. A high-quality kitchen and bathroom, colour choices that age well, and a practical home layout, are all details to consider when personalising the design of your home. 

Utilise Space in Your Design

When planning your home’s design, prioritise maximising the space of your new build to ensure optimal usability. The home design covers the total decorative elements that make the home aesthetically appealing. Regardless of how small or big a home is, everyone feels the need to have a spacious and functional home according to their design preferences. Carefully consider the space of your home, where things are placed within the home and the functionality of design features within each room – these all contribute towards creating that dream home design, adding value overall. It all has to do with the correct design to maximise the area to suit your day-to-day activities. 

Other details such as choosing to mount the TV on the wall also help increase valuable usable space, so a smaller square-meterage lounge can look and feel as big as a larger lounge with a TV stand. Additionally, for both large and small home designs, song passages are also a waste of valuable space, so avoid these features that darken areas of the home, or make it feel more confined. 

Stay involved in the building process

Make sure you stay engaged throughout the building process. Regularly communicate with your builder, stay up to date with significant milestones, and ask questions along the way to ensure your home is constructed to your specifications. Being an active participant will lead to better results as you are fully aware of the process and don’t have any sudden surprises (such as unexpected expenses or building hold-ups). If you have a positive new build experience, then consider sharing it with others. Informing others and sharing testimonials will help future home buyers make informed decisions when they choose to build. 

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Overall, owning a new home in New Zealand is an exciting opportunity to create your dream living space. Make sure to follow these tips, learn from others and communicate well with your builder or project manager to make your new home building experience a great one.  


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